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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Our expert auto locksmith teams offer 24hr services and excel in car locks and keys

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our company is a 24/7 and knowledgeable contractor and offers great commercial locksmith services fast

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Domestic Locksmith

Domestic Locksmith

We are perfectionists, 24/7 and experienced as expected from domestic locksmith specialists

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Locksmith East London

Call Us Now  020 3514 8342

Welcome to our company Locksmith East London

Our remarkable experience can be useful in multiple ways as we find smart solutions for all homes and businesses in Greater London, which increase their security. We offer 24/7 urgent locksmith services, proficiently install access control systems, and activate car chip keys.

Address: Hanbury St London
London, Greater London
Post code: E1 5JP
Phone: +44 020 3514 8342

Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
Our modern approach to your problems, our sophisticated tools and our expertise in electric locks ensures security

We at Locksmith East London are a professional locksmith contractor with many years of experience and the capacity to help people out every moment. “Locksmith East London” is 24/7 but also properly equipped and staffed. Having the right infrastructures is the basis of our excellent work and that's why we keep investing in them. Every vehicle of our business contains great tools and new generation machinery so that new age lock and key problems will be solved accurately and fast.

Locksmith Services in Greater London

We lock out your problems with great home locksmith service

Our Locksmith in East London assures every customer in Greater London thaLocksmith East London,Greater Londont all services are carried out with speed but also attention. We consider every little problem of great importance and that's why our arrival is immediate. Our technicians are knowledgeable of all locks, perfect in their installation and the best in access control systems. We can be of assistance whenever you have car key trouble, need new electric locks or want to rekey some locks of your master key system. We are at your service every day!

Our dynamic company at post code E1, E2 E9 E5 E1 EC88 E77 E98 N16 E1W N1, E13, E14, E15, E16, E17, E4, E5, E6, E8, E9 has powerful infrastructures, competent technicians, and the vast experience required for the job. Our eminent locksmith services are fast and efficiently cover all the needs of people in Greater London. We are efficacious and operate 24/7.

We are the premier locksmith company to call when you need a professional to check your home’s security. We value your family’s safety and security. Leading home experts secure the premises by checking doors, windows, and locks alongside making recommendations to upgrade your locks if necessary. If you have broken locks or keys, a skilled technician repairs locks fast and efficiently. Replacement of lost keys can also be implemented fast right at your home. If you have been burglarised, professional break-in service repair is offered. All our admirable locksmith work is guaranteed to upgrade your home’s security to keep you and your family safe.

24/7 locksmith services for UPVC door locks


Our mobile locksmith company is available to provide emergency assistance at any time of the day or night. Expect quick arrival and complete resolution of the problem on the spot. The high quality of our services is determined by our expertise, experience and dedication to the work. Our technicians are experts in all types of UPVC door locks. You will get the perfect fix, no matter whether you have a device with Euro cylinder made of brass or one with an oval cylinder made of steel. The repair work begins with identifying the nature, cause and size of the problem. This enables the technician to come up with the most effective solution. The job is done with close attention to every detail. Only advanced precision tools are used. Perfection is achieved with lubricating the lock. In case of a snapped, severely damaged or greatly outdated lock, it will be changed swiftly. Even in case of an emergency, you can rely on us to install a more advanced lock which offers a higher level of security. Our solutions include UPVC door and frame repair as well. Damaged and malfunctioning components are fixed while faulty ones are replaced. Issues with the handles and hinges are resolved in an equally effective manner. The door is aligned to the frame precisely to keep security optimal and to make the operation as smooth as possible. With our services, you will get maximum protection for your property and great convenience.


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Clean keys covered with rust easily and quickly to make them as good as new.

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Some people are very serious about safety and protection at home, and most of them opt for both conventional and modern locks.

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